Tuesday, August 9, 2011

One year of blogging

A year has passed since I first entered the blogosphere. Well, more than a year, in fact. My first post was in March of last year, but there were only 6 posts till the end of July, which was when I started blogging more regularly. It has been a great experience and one I would highly recommend! The last 3 months have seen huge upheaval, what with the shifting and the adjustment to the new place and all, and I nearly decided that the blog had run its course and it was time to quit. In fact, I had quite a nice farewell post planned out! But then a few things happened which have made me rethink that decision. You may still see the farewell post up sometime but as for now, mental well-being and time permitting, this blog is still open for business! So here is a recap of the year.

For nearly two years I had regularly been following the family blogs of two of my friends - Andi Eicher and Pradeep Ninan. Thanks to Pradeep's links, I had found a number of interesting Christian (and a few secular) blogs on the net which I regularly accessed via Google Reader. But I never really considered starting up one of my own, thinking I would never find the time or ideas required to keep it going. Then one day, there was a hailstorm in Shillong and I really wanted to share the beautiful sights that I saw (once it was over) with my family. And on an impulse, this blog began! I was doing a lot of travelling at that time, visiting medical colleges and different remote hospitals in the North East and hence I did not really get enough internet time to keep it going. But once I had started it, I felt obliged to continue, for some (probably egotistical!) reason and barring times of extreme mental stress, kept churning out the posts - more than 200 of them at last count! A few were decent, some were passable, many were just random thoughts with little, if any value, but the exercise was a great blessing to me in many ways.

The best thing about the year has been the clarity that writing has brought to my own thoughts. Many things I had a very hazy idea about, especially about my faith, became more clear as I put down my thoughts on paper. And even better was the heated discussions I had with some of my friends about these ideas. The questions you asked me forced me to think more deeply than I had done before to reason out my faith with fear and trembling. Thank you for feeling free to discuss these things with me and I look forward to more of these discussions in the future. Special mention here of The Black Mamba and 2 other Anonymous friends.

And a word of thanks to all of you who read regularly. Some of you visit nearly every day and have been doing so for the whole year. Inspite of my frequent, long absences, you continue to keep faith in me! With 20-30 of you checking in every day even now after more than a month without a post, I knew I had to continue. Apologies, but many thanks too! Special thanks to my 35 encouragers. It means a lot to me that you have agreed to join me on the journey. Also to the many friends who have commented both here and on facebook. And the friends I have made on the blogosphere especially Scatterbrain, NRIgirl and Irfaan.

Before this degenerates into a corny thank you speech, let me wind up! Before I go, I must mention my dear wife, whose encouragement has kept this blog going all this time. Inspite of the many rude awakenings I have given her, she still loves me unconditionally - that is the greatest blessing of my life.

So here goes Part 2 of the blogging experiement - the Ludhiana Diaries. May God bless us all and use us in His service.


  1. Thanks for this - I started blogging recently and was wondering what it was doing to me - clarity of thoughts - is what blogging brings in....

    Ludhiana diaries - keep this going - you will look back 20 years from hence and reflect much - like what we are doing these days of our LDH times!

    Unless the cloud crashes before that or www crashes...

  2. Hello Arpit...

    Glad to have you back here after a long break, hope by now both of you have settled well at ur new place and things are smooth there for you now, including ur Air Conditioner....:)

    i am thankful to blogger that made it possible to meet wonderful people like you...Keep blogging...

    Best wishes,

  3. Wow! I've been mentioned in a blog post twice now. Sniff..... I'm definitely on the road to infamy.

    I half thought you had decided to just curl up and die when you hadn't posted for over a month. Good to see you back.

    Here's to another decade of blog posts, in order that I have a forum to vent my spleen for a long time to come.

    - The Black Mamba

  4. woo hoo! Happy Anniversary! It was great reconnecting on blogsphere!

  5. Thanks everyone! All four of you!! The existential angst still persists though.... Lets see what happens!!

  6. These interactions are encouraging and inspiring
    pray that this continues
    this is definitely good
    keep it up and all the v. best