Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Enough with the India-bashing!

Over the last few weeks there has been an increase of anti-India messages on Facebook. Links have been posted talking about corruption, poverty and so on and there have been many voices saying what a terrible place this is, what a terrible state our polity is in, what a terrible fate we Indians have to face given the terrible corruption that plagues us, what a terrible thing that Bhagat Singh/Mahatma Gandhi died - or else he would have made this country great and how wonderful that some people managed to escape this terrible place to greener pastures elsewhere.

Well, all I have to say is that India is what we Indians make it. Over the last 5 years I have travelled to 80% of the states in this country. In every place I have visited people who are making this country a better place to live in by their work and service. I too am wont to complain about the situation in this country at different times. But in my heart I know that if this country has to change, it has to begin with me. So while I will continue to point out the flaws in the complicated fabric of this nations existence, I know that the answer is always at hand - change must begin with me. Unless I am ready to do something about the situation, it is rather childish to keep complaining about it. Although complaining is a pathognomonic middle class trait, we often forget that we are the biggest culprits keeping this country from progressing. Which of us has not paid a bribe? How many of us have voted in an election? How many of us have gone through the proper channels to get some official work done? How many of us would pay our taxes regularly if they were not deducted at source? How many of us would be ready to defraud the government and our fellow men in any way possible, if the money went into our pocket?

While I understand that many people have had terrible experiences in this country, I know that these things happen under different guises everywhere else as well. And while I know there is much that needs changing, I also realise that there is so much to celebrate and cheer about. And I am a little tired of hearing my country bad-mouthed by its own citizens and (ex-citizens) when the reality of the situation is that people from all over the world are realising that the third-largest economy in the world (yes, India is expected to overtake Japan late this year or early next) is a great place to be! Whatever the difficulties, among the nations of the world, Mera Bharat is truly Mahaan. I for one, am just loving it here.....

P.S. This became a rant - apologies!! And there was no-one particular in mind when I wrote this - just something I noticed over the last few weeks - probably a fallout of Anna fever.

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  1. Oh okay! I thought you wrote this after reading my post My Home Country

    I don't have any complaints against India. It's just that over the years my inclination towards my 'home country' is getting stronger.

    Hope you guys are doing well. Please write more about another travel or A/C fixing or something in those lines...