Thursday, September 15, 2011

A little tweak or two!

Every now and again, the tweakeroo bug bites me and I begin to fidget with the settings of the blog. Fortunately, thanks to the pace of my life, this happens quite rarely, and usually when the creative juices are not flowing! So today, I spent a good half hour or so fiddling with the title. I had often thought of putting up a picture with the title, but only managed it now. Thanks Andi for the inspiration! The picture of the two of us looking into the horizon was taken by my mother on a trip to Mahabalipuram, a seaside tourist town in Tamil Nadu. I rather like it for the air of mysticism I think it gives us!! (Of course, the reality is rather different!!). So after much struggle with Paint (yes, I still use that outdated software!!), I managed to come up with a passable result. Amy is on night duty in the ICU, so I don't have my usual feedback mechanism. But I thought I would put it up anyway - so the floor (viz. comments) is open - do let me know what you think!

P.S. Any comments and suggestions on any other issues regarding the blog, its format, content and so on are also welcome.


  1. Congrats on the new format Arpit! The picture looks great!

    Since you asked, few comments on the blog:

    1. You can easily remove the unsighty blogger tool bar that is visible in the top of the blog - above the header. It is simply a check box you turn off under the settings tab.

    2. Black in the background makes it hard on the eyes. You may play with lighter colors and even white and see how you like it.

    3. Write more often :))

  2. Looks good! But I agree with NRI girl - black (or a dark mystical brown?) makes it hard to read.

    Next time you want to change your blog header, try picasa. It's a whole lot easier.

  3. I use MS paint too.

    Very old school.

    Something like making amps using vaccum tubes...

  4. Thanks!
    NRIG and Deepa - my next tweakeroo session will be with the background colours - though I had really come to love this rich (and ?mystical!!) chocolate brown!!
    And Andi - Amps using vacuum tubes? Sounds cool!!

  5. Hi Dr Arpit,

    Been going through some of your other articles when I found this one. Having blogging for the past 6 months, let me share a few of my thoughts.

    1. The blogger toolbar is really unsightly as NRIGirl put it.. You can take it down.

    2. The 'recent comments' section, I think, is unnecessary. I guess your articles are more important than the comments you received (and they really are great stuff! :) )

    3. A dark background with white text or the other way round is better. The orange color of the links don't agree with the brown, I think. I also had a brown theme , called "choco" in wordpress, used it for sometime and trashed it. Am loving my current theme, white text on black background with blue links. I guess its all personal preference in the end.

    4. And one thing about the title of the blog "themathewz", I guess you'd have put it long ago when you'd have started writing. No offence meant, but the "z" puts me off. Its an entirely personal opinion.

    5. After all, the contents are the best part about this blog. Only one suggestion regarding that. Keep them coming!!! The last one "A doctor's pain", made real sense now as I just finished my medical HDU posting.


    PS> Wordpress is an excellent blogging platform as well ;D
    PS 2. If you need any help with any images and tweaking regarding them, I'd be more than happy to help out. I'm no photoshop whiz myself and I don't believe in heavy editing, but I know a few tricks to help your images ;)
    PS3. Thanks for all the promo regarding the photo competition. My photo made it to the final 10. Waiting to see if it makes into the final 3.

  6. Thanks Georgie - and now you have given me a new dilemma - I have to change not only the colour, but the name!! That is gonna have to wait for a rainy day methinks!!