Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A prayer for the earthquake victims

The death toll continues to rise from the 6.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the North East on 18th September. The epicentre was in Sikkim and more than 60 lives have been lost there with more than 100 injured. There have been deaths reported from Bihar, Bengal, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet as well. Our prayers are with the wounded as well as those who have lost loved ones and possessions. That could have been me.......


  1. Really sad! And how much we bother about the little things of life.. It only takes a moment to lose the very breath in our nostrils! The wounded and the hurt, the hungry and the weary.. there are so many... But the Lord God sees them all!

  2. Hi, I just chanced upon your blog and I must say I like what I am reading..! It is a difficult life for a mom whatever be the career she is in though I suppose for doctor her patients obviously should come first. I like the question that the author raises in the article about training doctors who may not practice due to personal reasons! In India I am sorry to say there are lot of girls who aquire a medical degree simply because it is often an attractive proposition in the marriage market if one wants to marry a doctor! I also find that the dedication that doctors have in the Indian context is often driven by the money that they are likely to make rather than the people whose lives are in their hands! My mother in law was a doctor from CMC vellore. She belonged to a generation that was open to sitting at home if their husband so wished it. Ofcourse she chose the easy option out and decided to become an administrator in public health rather than the gyancologist that she was trianed to be. I always think that the world lost a very good gyanaec in her becuase she never got back to practicing even after she retired from her government job.. A doctor is a resource who belongs to society and as women it is an overwhelming choice to make ....