Monday, September 12, 2011

Reading together

One of the best things of my childhood years was our family tradition of reading together. Many evenings were spent listening to my father or mother read from some classic and every family trip was accompanied by the sound of my mother tirelessly reading while my dad drove. (In those days car stereos were as yet unheard of!). Very often I would be unable to stand the suspense of waiting till the next evening and would sneak some time with the book when no-one was watching to get ahead of the story! Of course, I then would have to wait impatiently till the rest of the family caught up!!

I recently came across a post about another family who is doing this and realised I could recognise nearly every single one of the books mentioned, as one we had heard as children. The author says: A few days ago we began a journey through another book and I began to reminisce on all the places we’ve been and all the things we’ve seen in the years we’ve been doing this. We’ve traveled this world and others, and we’ve journeyed through the ages............ And I know there are more, more stories and more characters and more times and places, some that I’ve forgotten and some that we started and decided were not quite right or were not quite yet. Best of all, we’ve been able to do all of this together as a family, without ever leaving our living room.

I hope this is a tradition we can continue and I highly recommend it. Those times are some of my most cherished memories as the beauty of literature was brought alive to our young minds and hearts.


  1. Long, long ago, your mother introduced me to Patricia St.John. And for the longest time, "Twice Freed" - the book she gave me - the story of Onesimus was my favorite book!

  2. Oh, and in honor of that, I read aloud "Star of Night" to Nanma in the first month of her life - that's how I passed time, kept myself awake for those midnight feeding, burping, nappy changing sessions!

  3. Our Dad read to us every night. And then on holidays we would sometimes read almost all day - esp. on hikes.

    1. Black Beauty (first 'real book' we read) - when we went on our first vacation as a family when was in 1st standard
    2. All the Narnia books (again and again)
    3. Lord of the Rings - at least twice - once when Stefan and I were in college.

    My Dad's reading got us all into books. Sheba and I are thrilled to be able to read to the kids these days - we just finished the Horse and His Boy and the Railway Children over the last hols. We are hungry for more books to read as a family!

  4. Hi Arpit,
    Your blog is among those recommended on Deepa's blog. Your writing speaks loud of your strong convictions. Being an avid reader myself, I so much agree with sharing the 'love and beauty of literature' with the next generation. Your blog makes a good read. Thank you !

  5. *Like*

    My parents didn't read to us but they told us many stories which they had in turn heard from their parents, and perhaps they from theirs. It was magical, and created a thirst for adventure and for stretching the wings of our imagination. That created a desire to find more stories, and the quest for stories led us to books and more books.

    That slice of time shared together, and the worlds explored together go a long way.

  6. Yes literature is another world altogether, especially when growing up. Would surely like to do it for my kids, whenever I have them.