Saturday, August 4, 2012

Olympic gatecrasher apologises

Kudos to our two (UPDATE: make that three) medallists so far at London 2012 and let's hope that there will be some more things to cheer about after all the disappointment so far. Not to mention the embarrassment caused by the the now famous red-shirted woman who walked just ahead of India's flag-bearer, Olympic medallist Sushil Kumar at the Opening Ceremony. As the commentator in this snippet put it, while China is winning medals, we have this to remember!!

The news today is full of her apology. She does come across as a 'strong young individual' and as to the sincerity of her apology, well, you be the judge!!

UPDATE: I just found out that initially, she was mistakenly identified as Rahul Gandhi's 'ex-flame'!! What a hoot and a half!! I really pity the poor chap!!


  1. Arpit,

    It seems that this enthusiastic lady has been seen in other places too!

    Please take a look at the following revelations!

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