Tuesday, April 29, 2014

An apology - No offense meant!

I seem to have unwittingly stirred a hornets nest with my post on Mr. Narendra Modi. I must say, I meant no offense to anyone. I was just stating some facts. Mr. Modi himself himself has no problems being compared to Hitler I am sure. After all, Hitler is one of the heroes of the RSS, his parent body whose fascist roots and ideologies are soon going to be running this country. Moreover, I recently heard an interview where the head of one of the PR companies running Modi's campaign was asked by Barkha Dutt about this comparison of Modi to Hitler. This gentleman (whose name I forget) said that was a good thing - Hitler was a strong leader and hence invoked strong responses. India needs a strong leader like Modi and if a few people have strong responses against him, then so be it! So my comparing Mr. Modi to Hitler is, I guess, to be taken as a compliment! After all, the people of Germany overwhelmingly voted him into power. History may never forgive them, but maybe it will forgive us, as we welcome Mr. Modi with wide open arms.

I also wish to add that for the first time in the history of this blog, I have had to screen posts. I guess this is because this is the first time since the days of Emergency, when it is dangerous to express one's opinion. The hate and retribution that Modi's followers have promised to all the rest of us has made even strong proponents of free speech like Nandita Das wary (again, something I heard in an interview). Come May 16th, I would not like to be deported to Pakistan as has been threatened by many! Fortunately, no one has called me a 'kali Bengali' and threatened to kill my child as they did Ms. Das.

But I am sure Modi is a great man who can take the private opinions of some of his subjects publicly expressed, even if they are against him. After all, the gliteratti of our society, the money of the big businesses, the minds of the young IT generation and the nationalistic fervour of our majority community are behind him. (Just like they were behind Hitler!). I somehow feel that a lot more is there to be said about Mr. Modi, and I hope I am able to do so safely. For the time being let me close with a series of comments from the Facebook page of a friend of mine which encapsulate exactly why Modi would be so dangerous for this country. Remember, this is a well-educated, fine, upstanding member of society who I would never have expected to espouse these views. Mr. Modi has been so successful in his polarising politics that this gentleman (and possibly many others) have been brainwashed sufficiently enough to believe that India is for Hindus and if I don't like Modi, I need to go to Pakistan!! What is more, the anger and hate that Mr. Modi is able to drum up even in his most educated of supporters leads me to wonder if Gujarat 2002 may be a harbinger of things to come. Is this what we are heading for? May God have mercy on us.... I have edited out the names to protect privacy.

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Warning: To all the Critics
No place in India for Narendra Modi critics, they will have to move to Pakistan: BJP leader http://bit.ly/1jig0Fn
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  • SK Ohh..
  • Arpit Mathew Hope you are doing good. Regarding this post, don't you think it is a hugely divisive statement? Do you really think that as a critic of Modi I need to be sent to Pakistan?
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  • M Modi haters are anti nationalist
  • SK To be a true patriotic indian i need to support modi and to fear these morons
  • SK That's wat u mean here??
  • M  Answer this,Can u be anti Islamic in gulf?
  • M  India is for hindus

  • Arpit Mathew Good to know what you feel. It is always better to be open and frank rather than be pseudo-secularist. So now my question is what should I do - I am not a Hindu, but I love my country as much as you do and would willingly lay down my life for her. And as of now, the Constitution states that India is for everyone, not just Hindus. What is the next step?

The conversation has stopped, as of this posting.........

P.S. - If you have not heard this speech by the BJP candidate Mr. Giriraj (where he threatened to send all Modi critics to Pakistan), then you should. This is very similar to things that Mr. Modi himself was saying some years ago, but now he realises that the the development plank is a much safer one that will allow him to fulfil his agenda anyway - so, that's what we hear from him. But I will only be convinced when I hear an honest account of and apology for 2002. Sorry.

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  1. Every place has its share of morons. For every Giriraj there is a Beni Prasad Verma, a Digvijay Singh, a Father Mascharenhas. For every comment by a Giriraj, there is Shazia Ilmi, an Abu Azmi, a Mamta Banerjee (...... Those who commit rape are naughty boys), an Azam Khan. Can we extrapolate their verbal diarrhoea to represent that of the entire political establishment that they are a part of........ And what did Modi say. He expressed his regret and said he disapproved of petty adn irresponsible statements and asked them to refrain from doing so. So where is the controversy.... A moron shoots off his mouth and you hold the entire party, an entire religious grouping suspect. I am amazed at the conclusions that can be drawn.