Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The truth about Gujarat 2002

I came across a video yesterday that I thought I really needed to share. I have always wondered about how it was possible for Mr. Narendra Modi to be actually involved in the riots. After all, he was the Chief Minister! And if he was involved how did the courts give him a clean chit? Then I saw this video. A number of the chief culprits say that Mr. Modi had personally given them instructions to make the Muslims pay for Godhra. Moreover, the public prosecutor in charge of prosecuting those involved in the riots, explains in detail how he made the cases 'go away'. This is a mind-blowing video.

In addition I wanted to share a post that was sent to me from Facebook which explains how Mr. Modi was given a 'clean chit' by the SIT and Supreme Court.

Oh, and Narendra Modi didn't get a "clean chit" from the SIT about the Godhra massacre. Far from it.
It's strange how BJP lovers seem to parrot the line that "Modi got a clean chit". Here are the facts. Again, you can choose to interpret them as you wish. My sense is "clean chit" is not the phrase you'll use at the end of it.
I am borrowing here from "" and other sources. All of this is verifiable from numerous sources.
1. The reality is not a declaration of innocence - but the SIT let the case drop because of a ‘lack of prosecutorial evidence’. And in doing so it deliberately neglected to take into account numerous depositions against Modi.
2. BJP's own Cabinet Minister, Haren Pandya who disclosed that Modi ordered police officials to refrain from stopping the Hindu backlash, was mysteriously murdered mere months after his disclosure.
3. The SIT refused to take Pandya's statement into account post his death, despite a High Court judge (Justice Hosbet Suresh) and a Supreme Court judge (Justice PB Sawant) vouching for the veracity of his testimony.
4. Sworn statements and leads offered by several senior police officers such as Sanjiv Bhatt and RB Sreekumar testifying against Modi were also deliberately ignored.
5. The former DGP of Gujarat, Sreekumar has submitted actual recordings of Modi’s Principal Secretary and Advocate General instructing him to lie to the Nanavati Commission about the riots, and multiple affidavits affirming Modi’s role in instructing police officers to allow the riots to take place. (see here:
6. Sanjiv Bhatt himself was present at the meeting where Modi told senior officers to ‘allow the Hindus to vent their anger.’
7. There is no dearth of "prosecutorial evidence" only perhaps of prosecutorial will. Two examples are the detailed evidence collected by the Concerned People’s Tribunal headed by Supreme Court Justices P B Sawant and V R Krishna Iyer that indicted Modi and also the 2007 Tehelka sting tapes, which documented confessions by Sangh Parivar activists such as Babu Bajrangi who was llater convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment, and who detailed the massacre and Modi’s role in facilitating it.
8. I've already linked to the Tehelka sting tapes earlier - but here's one brief piece from Babu Bajrangi himself: "Narendrabhai kept me at Gujarat Bhavan at Mount Abu for four and- a-half months… After that, [I did] whatever Narendrabhai told me to"
9. The SIT claimed there was a lack of evidence. This was weirdly upheld by a low-level Magistrate Court in Gujarat where Magistrate Ganatra’s astounding logic was that things such as "genocide and ethnic cleansing don't have relevance to Gujarat because the terms are of foreign Latin and Greek origin." In other words, Gujaratis cannot commit genocide because genocide is derived from a Latin term! Wonder if Ganatra would use the same logic to absolve Ghaznavi of his massacre because, hey, "genocide and ethnic cleansing are Latin, not Arabic terms".
10. The Supreme Court itself referred to Modi and his government as ‘modern-day Neros.’ Nero, if you recall, played the fiddle while watching his citizens burn in Rome in a fire he instigated. Furthermore, the Supreme Court transferred some 2002 riot cases out of Gujarat because it did not believe that a fair trial could happen under the Modi government. And this is the fabled Gujarat governance model we should follow in the rest of India?
11. The Best Bakery case, part of the 2002 riots, had initially been tried in Gujarat courts. All the accused were acquitted after witnesses received death threats and/or bribes and suddenly turned hostile. The Supreme Court then ordered a re-trial of the case in Maharashtra, saying it had no confidence in the Modi government. The case, now free of Modi’s influence, now resulted in nine convictions as well as successful charges of perjury against hostile witnesses who were caught on tape admitting that they had been threatened by BJP officials into giving false testimony in court.
These are facts. Again, some you you may see this as a 'clean chit. I personally see it as a very dirty chit indeed.

Mr. Modi  and the BJP have said that 2002 was in the past and lets move on. Every time this is referred to, Mr. Modi clams up and his supporters roll their eyes. But it was a master-stroke from Modi. As one of the people in the video says, they have truly had 'peace' for the last 10 years. And the now clean, Mr. Development Modi has risen to be at the portals of 7, Race Course Road. I thought I should post this, lest we forget....


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