Monday, April 28, 2014

Welcoming Narendra Modi, India's very own Hitler

In 1889, a monster named Adolf Hitler was born. He was to be the future leader (and destroyer) of Germany. In 1950, a gentleman named Mr. Narendra Modi was born. It looks like he is going to be the future leader of India.

Hitler was an average to poor student. So was Mr. Modi.(1) Hitler showed interest in art and attempted to become a painter. Mr. Modi was keenly interested in theatre and debating.

Initially, Hitler was an active member of the church choir and even considered becoming a priest. Mr. Modi was an active RSpracharak for many years before he entered politics.

Hitler created a public image as a celibate man without a domestic life, dedicated entirely to his political mission and the nation (Wikipedia direct quote). So has Mr. Modi.

In reality, Hitler had a mistress who he married at the end of his life. In reality, Mr. Modi also has a wife who he conveniently forgot until he was reminded of her recently.

Hitler was a poor man who rose rapidly solely based on his ability to deliver vitriolic, rhetoric based speeches. Mr. Modi boasts of his tea-stall roots and specialises in vitriol and rhetoric which The Hindu kindly records every day in case we were to forget it.

Hitler accused all those around him of being corrupt while claiming to be honest. The vast wealth, power and property that he and the other Nazi leaders accumulated later proved these claims to be false. Modi also claims to be above corruption. But as I read somewhere, Modi has been successful in curbing corruption by being so ruthless that no corruption can happen without his knowledge and go-ahead.

Hitler's main plank was development and national pride to a nation tired of the humiliation of the Treaty of Versailles. Mr. Modi's main plank is development and communal pride to a community tired of giving widespread concessions to the minorities.

Hitler advised racial purification by any means. He then proceeded to do so at the cost of 6 million Jews. Mr. Modi no longer risks speaking his mind in public. However, his open hatred of Muslims has been well recorded (2) and his attempt at religious purification cost around 2000 lives in 2002 and displaced more than 100,000 (figures disputed).

I could go on and on, but will anyone hear? The number of respected people who have warned us against this man have gone unheard. From Amartya Sen to Atal Behari Vajpayee, Modi's detractors have been shouted down. And honest people on the internet face attack for speaking the truth about him (as happened to a friend of mine whose computer was hacked and taken apart). Dictator is not an innovative word to apply to Modi. Thousands more have used it all over the internet to no avail.

And as Gujarat is trumped up to be the model of development, it is conveniently forgotten that this development is only for the rich Adanis and Anbanis. The India State Hunger Index ranked Gujarat 5th worst with 23% of people under-nourished, 44.7% of children below 5 underweight, the state is ranked 21st in education and whose hunger situation is classified as 'alarming'. The whole plank of the Modi campaign is based on baseless rhetoric and the unavailability of a louder voice than his.

And lets not forget what he has done to his own leaders. From the ousting and ostracizing of his mentor, Keshubbhai Patel to the recent humiliation of LK Advani, Mr,. Modi has sidelined every single BJP leader until he is now the whole face of the party. His humiliating attitude to the so-called 'shehzade' is just an indication of the extreme arrogance that defines his persona. Mr. Modi, ala Hitler is playing like a skilled virtuoso on the consciousness of our nation. And he has lulled us into the belief that he is the only hope for our nation making us forget what he actually is at heart.

So Mr Modi, let me welcome you with a heavy heart to the gaddi of leadership of our country that has housed many great men and women. May you live up to the expectations that a nation places on you. May you truly repent of your sins and lead this nation to equality and freedom. Given your history, that seems unlikely. But then, I really hope that history does not repeat itself. And 6 million Jews and 2000 Gujaratis have not died in vain.

1. Jose, Vinod K. (1 March 2012). "The Emperor Uncrowned"The Caravan. pp. 2–4.
2. Brasted, Howard V. (2005). Lahoud, Nelly; Johns, A. H., eds. Islam in World Politics. Routledge. p. 119.ISBN 978-0415324113. "the successful anti-Muslim campaign run in Gujarat in December 2002 by its provincial chief minister Narendra Modi – a hardline Hindu nationalist preacher turned politician – has ominous implications."


  1. I will wait until May 16th before accepting Modi as PM! I continue to hope God has better things in store for this country....

    1. Excellent post. I agree with you totally

    2. the god is chose modi for India

  2. I second that Pradeep Ninan


    God's credibility is not predicated by a vote of confidence by the majority. God does not need to have His truth validated by the masses. The Bible and the Bible alone is God's truth to mankind. No creed book, Bible commentary, nor congregational church vote is needed to affirm God's credibility.

    The entire population of the world disbelieved God when He told them is they ate from the tree in the middle of the garden or touched it, that they would die. (Genesis 3:4)

    Adam and Eve died even though the majority opinion was in their favor. God's truth was not voided because the total population of the world disbelieved it.

    Mark 16:16 He who has believed and has been baptized shall be saved; but he who has disbelieved shall be condemned.

    Jesus said he who has believed shall be saved. The vast majority of the world disbelieves that. The majority opinion does not invalidate the words of Jesus.

    Jesus said he who has been baptized shall be saved. The majority of the world believes water baptism is not essential in order for men to be saved. Majority opinion is not necessary to affirm, establish, or validate the words of Jesus Christ.

    God's credibility does not depend on the majority of the worlds population to confirm, validate, endorse, nor corroborate His truth.

    GOD'S WORD IS FOUND IN THE BIBLE AND THE BIBLE ALONE. The truth in the Bible is not subject to affirmation by a majority vote.



    1. Thanks for this link Tanumay. Obviously, as you have pointed out, even some Western authors have been brain-washed by the propoganda!! Reagan did not have the blood of 2000 people on his hands, whatever else!! Thank you for bringing this link to my attention - it just shows how even the most educated people can be so far off the mark!! I hope Indians like you and me can see the truth.

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  6. Thanks Arpit and Amy for being bold enough to post this. Inspite of your friend's account being hacked. This Sunday the message was-if you believe in the resurrection it should show in our lives. I think you demonstrated that by boldly posting this. CONGRATS!

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