Monday, December 12, 2011

CMC Ludhiana Senior Choir

CMC had its Christmas programme yesterday and today. Here is one of the songs that the senior choir  performed (as seen and heard through a little camcorder). We also had a 60-strong (and phenomenal) junior choir comprising of students from all the colleges and a Christmas play. Videos of those later perhaps. It was great to welcome the Christmas season with this enjoyable evening. The lady with the golden voice is Dr. Preeti Paul and her husband Dr. Vineeth Jaison is on the rap.


  1. Thankyou Amy & Arpit. That was beau....tiful. A good beginning to the Christmas Season indeed.We are glad we could share this with you. Hope you will put the other songs up too.

  2. A christmas programme with a rapper rapping "G-O-D"! Whoever said the church wasn't progressive? Lol.

    - The Black Mamba