Thursday, September 30, 2010

The case against Abortion

As I have mentioned before, it has always surprised me that my views on abortion are not shared by many of my colleagues and friends. So you will have to bear with me if I keep harking back to the topic, in the forlorn hope of convincing some of them!! But I thought I would sign off September (which has been a difficult month!!) with some links that deal with the basic pro-choice arguments and why they do not hold water. These have been drawn from the few blogs I read regularly. I have found that most of them inevitably link to the same posts!! And moreover, as these have been collected over time, I hope you will excuse the lack of credits.

THE STORY OF LILA ROSE: This is the story of one of the key investigators in the exposure of the lies and racism propagated by some abortion clinics in the US. Did you know that you can pay to have a black baby aborted?!! Lila Rose took up the issue when she was 15 and now (at 22) heads one of the leading non-profit organisations fighting abortion and also edits one of the important pro-life publications. This is an inspiring story......
P.S. Clock up one more point for home-schooling!!!

IS THE UNBORN CHILD HUMAN: This is the basic question that we need to resolve. Scientifically, the unborn child fulfills all the criteria for a living organism - like growth, response to stimuli, metabolism, and so on - from the moment of conception. Pro-choice advocates are generally forced to admit this fact in the face of overwhelming scientific proof. And the rapid development from a single cell into a newborn baby is a further proof that killing the unborn is just the same as killing any human being. If there are still any doubts(!), here is a video by another young advocate on the reasons why the unborn child is human.

IS THE UNBORN CHILD JUST AN EXTENSION OF THE MOTHER: While most pro-choice activists and feminists now accept that the unborn child is actually human, they base their support for abortion on the fallacy that the unborn child is just an extension of the mother's body. Rather like a tooth or an appendix that can be removed with no future consequences. But again logic shows that the unborn child is a totally different human being who is just dependent on the mother for 9 months. The unborn child has a totally different DNA, may be of a different race from the mother and in fact, can be transferred into the mother from outside as in the case of test-tube babies. If that does not make the unborn child a totally different human being from the mother, then what does!! (Sorry, no link for this one!!)

THE RAPE ARGUMENT: This is where the argument for abortion usually begins. This article brings out the absurdity of the argument when carried forth to its logical end. If the unborn child should be killed in order to prevent causing pain to the mother, then why not kill a young boy who mercilessly torments his younger sister. Or kill a boss who causes deep emotional pain to his co-workers by his words and actions. In fact, there are very few societies that even kill the rapist - who is the one that caused all the pain in the first place! So if the unborn child is human, there can be no logic that can condone killing him or her if it is not right to kill even the rapist. This article expounds this concept - the 'trot out the toddler argument'.

OTHER PRO-CHOICE ARGUMENTS THAT ARE FULL OF HOLES: This short article beautifully debunks many of the usual pro-choice arguments. It's just a click away and well worth a read. Another similar article is here.

AND FINALLY: For all those of you interested in learning more about how to argue the case for life, here is a flow chart that incoporates all pro-choice arguments into 3 simple questions and offers an approach to each one. For a video explaining the chart see here. For a video explaining the SLED test (philosophical differences between the unborn and a human - size, level of development, environment and degree of dependency), see here. Click on the chart to enlarge.
Abortion flowchart


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